North East’s Annual Wine Walk is Out of This World

Join us Saturday, May 4 at 3 pm for an intergalactic murder mystery! Tickets go on sale March 1st online and in person at the NE Chamber office (44 W. Main St)

This year’s North East Uncorked has a theme that is out of this world in UnCorked: Wine Wars.

In a galaxy not too far, far away, locals and out-of-towers alike are gathering on the typically icy planet “Noth” East for an evening of murder and intrigue.

Many strange and mysterious characters have been visiting the local cantina lately… bounty hunters, pilots, and rumor has it even a princess! With the fall of the empire, business has been booming for the Ewokies who have started their own All Organic, Endor-Raised, Vegetarian, Smoothie Bar. But recently the crowd has gotten a little rougher, and a few problems have arisen and Jedi knights are on patrol until things simmer down.

The Ewokies really miss eating meat, and have been rather grumpy with their wait-staff droids, and their suppliers. One evening while you visit The Farm-to-Forest Cantina, a blackout occurs.

In the darkness, growls, and grunts, and arguing is heard, and suddenly…. A bright flash cuts through the S&G Cantina.

When the lights come back on, Pinot the Wooken lies dead on the floor.

It’s an interstellar whodunit!

Your mission is to search the Galaxy for clues that point to who did it. Use the clue books provided to navigate to different locations downtown and mark down valuable information to uncover the culprit. Locations have wine samples, food samples, or special prizes and each stop has a clue or two as well!

Was it a disgruntled Ewokie? Maybe it was a maverick bounty hunter or even a trigger happy droid? And did anyone ever find out if there really was a princess involved!? Travel to each location and collect clues to reveal who ended poor Pinot’s life!

Tickets $25; includes: admission, wine and food samples, and a commemorative wine glass and wine charm. Must be 21.
Begin at the Chamber office (44 West Main Street). Please bring valid ID.

Ticket sales begin online and at the North East Chamber of Commerce office on March 1st.


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