Communication Resources

We wanted to share some tools that may help keep you in touch with all the right people following the social distancing guidelines.

See below.

Skype for Business: audio and video conferencing. You will need to create a Skype account, and then you’re able to sync with SharePoint in Microsoft, and share media. FREE download.

-Facebook Messenger: able to text chat, audio message, or face-to-face web conferencing within the app, may be useful for getting into contact directly with businesses through their Facebook page, FREE .

Zoom: used by many educators currently. Easy to use, chat/audio/video available, can show screen in real-time, can be online or in app, FREE to sign up by using work email, ZoomPlus offers more for a priceto sign up by using work email, ZoomPlus offers more for a price

GoToMeeting: one-click meetings, collaboration meetings made easier, webinars available, cloud recordings, Office365 plug in, Cost starting at $12.00.

TeamViewer: software for audio and video conferences, interactive screen sharing, Cost starting at $49.00.-Microsoft Teams:uses SharePoint to share files in Office programs, conference calls, group chat, FREE to those with Office365 program package, Costs start at $12.95/month for others