About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the North East Area Chamber of Commerce is to serve the community by providing economic, educational and legislative information and assistance in order to maintain and enhance the community’s uniqueness and quality of life.

Our focus is threefold –

  • Service to members – As a membership based business organization, the Chamber provides a wide array of services to positively impact the business community. We make connections for our members, offer value-added programs and provide them with opportunities to market their business.
  • Community building – Our role extends deeper into the fabric of the community. We often collaborate with other community organizations for the enhancement and betterment of residents and businesses alike.
  • Tourism promotion – The Chamber is the primary tourism promotion organization in North East. We work to position North East a destination for wine and agricultural goods, recreational pursuits, shopping, dining and historical landmarks to attract visitors to the community.

The Chamber is extremely active in presenting a number of events throughout the year that support our objectives, most notably the annual Grape Country Harvest Festival – known locally as WineFest. The three day festival attracts upwards of 15,000 visitors and residents to celebrate the prolific wine industry North East.