The work of the Chamber is guided and carried out by committees in cooperation with the board of directors and staff. These committees meet on a regular basis, unless otherwise notes. The Chamber may also convene ad hoc committees to focus on specific projects. Policy recommendations made by a committee go to the board of directors for final approval.

The Executive/Finance committee provides general oversight to the Chamber. The Executive/Finance reviews the annual budget initially prepared by staff prior and recommends financial guidelines. The committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The members of this committee have check signing privileges.

Economic Development
The Economic Development Committee initiates projects that impact North East’s economic environment. The scope of the committee’s work may include, assessing business and community needs, actively soliciting tenants for empty business properties, and supporting improvements to business climate in North East and Erie County. This committee works cooperatively with other development groups in the region.

The Governance Committee meets on an as needed basis to review bylaws and other policies related to the administration of the Chamber.

The function of the Membership Committee is to oversee new member benefit/program development, and to monitor and assess existing programs and member benefits. The committee also assists in the recruitment and retention of members.

The functions of the Personnel/Nominating Committee include drafting and/or revising personnel policies, reviewing job descriptions, conducting an annual performance evaluation of the Executive Director and review other staff performance evaluation, establishing a compensation structure and benefits package, and annually reviewing staff compensation. The Personnel/Nominating Committee reviews nominations to fill board seats and makes a recommendation to the board for approval.

Promotions & Marketing
The Promotions & Marketing Committee is a committee where attendance is open to the entire membership. The Committee provides input on Chamber events (excluding WineFest), retail programs and tourism initiatives.

The WineFest Committee provides oversight to the annual WineFest. The Committee makes recommendations on financial and policy items related to WineFest. This Committee may make decisions related to the minor details of WineFest such as ticket price, admissions policy, etc.